Day 2 - Mt. Hermon to Mt. de Beatitudes
The first stage started at the village of Neve Ativ, located on the slopes of the Hermon Mountain and climbed up to the Druze village of 'Masade'. The stage continued from north to south across the marvelous scenery of the Golan Heights with the Hula Valley to the right and the Golan dormant volcanoes to the left. After crossing the town of Qazrin and passing by the ancient city of Gamla we we started descending towards the Sea of Galilee on a long stretched downhill with the view of the lake in front of us. Upon reaching the lake we circled it around its north end passing by 'Caper Naum' and 'Tabgha' and then climbed up to the Mountain of Beatitudes where we finished the stage and visitted the monastery.

Day 1 - Gathered in Tel Aviv & headed north to the Hermon Mountain to start the tour the following day.

Day 3 - Elah valley to the Dead Sea
This stage started at the Elah valley at the Judea Mountains at the edge of Jerusalem. We rode across the Judea region - the heart of the biblical land of ancient Israel.. As we reached to the middle of the stage, we started riding along the desert borderline and slowly left the green scenery towards the brown and yellow scenery of the remarkable Judea desert. Towards the end of the stage we passed by the city of Arad and then started downhill towards The Dead Sea - the lowest place on earth. The stage ended at the hotel on the shore of the Dead Sea.

Day 4 - Jerusalem
This day was a rest day. After spending the morning on the shore of the Dead Sea, we  spent the afternoon at the old city of Jerusalem. We visitted the Mount of Olives, the Via Dolorosa, the Wailing Wall and the church of the holy sepulcher.

Day 5 - Arava valley to Mizpe Ramon
This stage started at the Arava valley just 50 km south to the Dead Sea and went through all the geological marvels of the Negev desert. We started cycling west and entered the Negev desert. After 10 km we reached the climb of the 'Akrabim ascent'. Continuing to the spectacular climb we entered the 'Large crater' and through it. After climbing out of the crater we crossed the town of Yeruham and we then continued our cycling heading south across the Negev desert until the town of Mizpe Ramon – just on top of the Ramon crater edge. The stage finished here at the hotel..

Day 6 - Mizpe Ramon to Eilat
This stage was the ultimate desert cycling experience. We started cycling at the hotel and rode down to the Ramon crater. We then rode through the magnificent crater and across the dazzling wilderness of the desert. After 140 km we reached the top of the Eilat Mountains and then started descending towards the city of Eilat with the view of the Red Sea slowly being revealed in front of us. The tour ended at the hotel located on the shore of the Red Sea inside the city of Eilat ....... altogether  a very memorable journey.

In February 2010 Maurizio fulfilled another ambition and took part in a tour of Israel, passing through many historic towns and landmarks.  The tour took 6 days to complete and covered 530 km of cycling from the north to the south of Israel, exploring the holy land in an experience like no other.